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8 Senior Living Myths and Misconceptions

Considering senior living? The decision to move to a senior living community is a big one. And, understandably, comes with a lot of questions and concerns. It’s common to be nervous about such a big decision.

When making a decision about what’s best for you and/or your loved ones, it’s best to make sure you have all the facts. When it comes to senior living, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there that are just flat out wrong. Below, we look at the big ones and see if there is any truth to them.

Myth #1: Senior living communities strip seniors of the independence to do what they want.

There are plenty of senior living communities around where seniors have the freedom to live independently. Many of these communities offer seniors an all-inclusive lifestyle. This frees the senior from the hassles of small things such as cooking, home maintenance, etc. This allows them to focus on the activities and hobbies they love, as well as the people they care about.

If you or your senior loved one can still drive, no problem! You can bring your car with you. Can’t drive or don’t want to drive? No problem! There are transportation services available within most senior communities.

Myth #2: Seniors will be bored after moving.

Think living in a senior community is boring? That just not the case! Senior living communities are designed to keep seniors active and engaged. Most provide a wide variety of daily activities – in a wide range of areas – that seniors can get involved in.

Senior homes also offer different hobbies and activities to keep seniors busy all day. There are plenty of physical activities, creative activities, emotional exercises, spiritual exercises and more.

Myth #3: Seniors won’t have saved enough money (ie. senior homes are too expensive).

Contrary to popular belief, senior living may actually be more affordable than staying at home. It’s true. Staying at home can cost more than moving to a senior living community. Just think of all the costs involved in living at home… a mortgage, home maintenance, daily expenses, salaries of caregivers, and more. In a retirement home, all of these are already taken care of. And, often, at a lower cost than staying at home.

Myth #4: Seniors do not get the attention they want and need when they’re in a retirement home.

Senior living communities have familiar and friendly faces who are there to serve the residents on a daily basis. The staff is there 24/7 to care for the seniors’ daily needs, and provide them with peace of mind and security.

Myth #5: Seniors don’t eat well in retirement homes.

Actually senior living often improves a senior’s eating habits. As opposed to eating alone at home, seniors can enjoy their meals with other community residents. Instead of buying groceries on their own and cooking at home, seniors can get a freshly-prepared hot meal 3 times a day in a senior home. Additionally, each meal at a retirement home is designed specifically for each senior’s unique nutritional needs.

Myth #6: Senior living communities feel institutionalized.

Most senior living communities are designed to feel like home. They are made for the senior’s comfort above all else. In fact, most senior living communities are designed to feel like a resort more than a hospital to help make seniors enjoy their retirement more.

Myth #7: Senior communities are only for “old people”

This myth is a biggie. Many people assume senior retirement homes are only for people who are “old and decrepit.” But in reality, most retirement homes are filled with active seniors who still have a zest for life. Just because you’re in a retirement home doesn’t mean your golden years are over. There is still plenty of life to experience.

Myth #8: Seniors don’t see their friends as often.

Many senior living communities are quite visitor-friendly. There are even some that have common areas and private suites for hosting and accommodating guests, family, and friends. And, in some, you can even throw parties!

Friends and family are welcome to stop by, join in the activities or just have a private chat. Senior living communities do not put a stop to your social life. In fact, you can even make new friends inside the community.

Even More Senior Living Myths

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